About Denlift


Why Denlift Is The Best Choice?

Denlift is a brand of Nanan Hai Kun Iron Parts Processing Plant.

Denlift has been committed to the custom development of sheet metal, providing customers with a variety of custom products, after years of development, we have laser cutting, CNC bending, shearing machines, stamping machines of various tonnages, robot welding machines .

Using the flexibility of laser cutting and CNC bending in the early stage, confirming orders through fast proofing, and reducing costs in the later stage of mass production of stamping machines, we have won orders from different customers in 26 countries around the world.

About Denlift Story

As early as 2009, Mr. Wang, the founder of Denlift, decided to start his own business after working for 15 years. It happened that he met Dreams, a long-term customer from the United Kingdom, and helped Dreams develop a TV lift for bed. We cooperated successfully.

It went well. When they came to the factory once, they helped to name it Denlift. Our founder, Mr. Wang, did not understand English, but he remembered the name and has been using it to this day.

Our founder, Mr. Wang, always said, pay attention to the product itself and make a good product.

This quote helped me support my family when I was working for someone else, and it was the same quote that kept denlift alive when I started Denlift.

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