Custom Services

Custom Services

Customized service is our core service.

As long as it is related to sheet metal, we are happy and have information to provide customized services.
Customized services require us to maintain a close relationship with our customers and provide them with valuable advice, and we have always been so.

As long as it is related to sheet metal, please take 1 minute to send us the drawings, and Denlift’s engineers will evaluate, quote and make suggestions for you free of charge, and all of this is free, it only takes you 1 minute.

Our Custom Product

Precision Small Metal Box

The precision small metal box can be aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and other materials. Available in red, grey, black, or other specified colors. It can be finished through anodizing, powder coating, or brushed treatment.

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Bucket Excavator

Bucket Excavator is a necessary consumable for excavators. Denlift uses the most suitable materials to customize Bucket Excavator according to the user’s environment.


Track Chassis

Denlift’s custom small powered chassis, excluding powertrain


Tv Lift

Widely used in various hidden TV occasions, with remote control, high-grade, mute, safe

Sheet Metal Tool Box

The sheet metal toolbox features a bottom compartment. It is large enough to store, organize, and protect tools. Also available with trays for organizing sockets or tools. For additional security, it has a security latch that may be padlocked.


Sheet Metal Beam Caps

The right size of Sheet Metal Beam Caps is the core, and the right thickness is the key to durability.

High-Grade Materials

Denlift offers several standard sheet metal box fabrication materials. We specialize in stainless steel, mild steel, galvanized steel, cold-rolled steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and more.

These metals are all well-known for their ability to perform effectively in a wide range of industrial applications. Material selections are particularly compatible with sheet metal fabrication techniques. Our knowledgeable staff will go over these and other material options with you.

Fabrication Techniques

Starting from raw materials, cutting, welding, polishing, powder coating, etc.

We have mature processes.

This proven skill is the basis for providing customized services.


Denlift makes extensive use of automated equipment.
Not only laser cutting machines, cnc machining centers, CNC bending machines, shot blasting machines, automated powder coating lines, etc.

Automated equipment not only provides speed and reduces the rate of defective products, but more importantly, reduces the labor intensity of workers and saves costs.

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