Track Chassis

Track Chassis

Track Chassis
It is a wheeled or crawler equipment, generally welded by low carbon steel, mainly used for the chassis of special equipment such as wharfs, ports, railways, excavators, agricultural machinery, etc., to provide basic bearing services.

Denlift has been committed to the processing of customized sheet metal, and can provide customized Track Chassis customized services according to customer requirements.

Track Chassis


Track Chassis

Denlift’s custom small powered chassis, excluding powertrain


Large Tracked Vehicle Chassis Kit

This is a large truck chassis, customized according to customer drawings.


Tank Track Chassis

Provide customers with customized Track Chassis through good material selection and excellent welding process

Track Chassis Advantages


Material selection is the top priority, we generally use mild steel, or feel that customers require custom materials


Standard cutting is the premise of matching later products and drawings. We use a new laser cutting technology to ensure that the products match the needs of customers


Welding is to connect the various components, and the chassis is firm and safe through gas shielded welding and laser welding.

Low Cost

Extensive use of automated machinery and excellent skilled workers make the product highly cost-effective.

High-Grade Materials

Denlift can supply a variety of standard fabrication materials. We specialize in stainless steel, mild steel, galvanized steel, cold rolled steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc.

For the product Track Chassis, we recommend low carbon steel, which can also be customized according to customer requirements. The materials in China are very rich. Tell us the model or the performance you need and our engineers will recommend it to you.

These metals are all known for their ability to perform effectively in a wide range of industrial applications. Material selection is particularly compatible with sheet metal fabrication techniques.

Fabrication Techniques

Denlift have extensive experience in manufacturing Track Chassis.

  • Cutting – First cut all parts from the raw material according to the drawing.
  • Welding – Weld the parts together according to the drawings and our tooling.
  • Polishing–Remove rust where welding slag has been reduced.
  • Spray painting – surface treatment is very important for post-rust prevention.

Track Chassis Buying Guide

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